Welcome to the Turkeyfoot Island Club

The Turkeyfoot Island Club is a unique social club, meeting facility, and overnight guest house attracting members and guests who enjoy gathering in a historic landmark on the Portage Lakes, just south of Akron, Ohio. During the season, club members enjoy fine dining each Wednesday evening and many weekend themed parties beginning in May and ending with a New Year's celebration. The Club provides a country club atmosphere that offers Victorian style overnight accommodations, and an exclusive private meeting facility capable of serving pre-approved family functions, corporate meetings, and organization gatherings. Also sharing the facility for over 75 years is the renowned Portage Lakes Yacht Club, whose members belong to the Island Club and offer many events and instruction for area sailors.

Turkeyfoot Island

Nowhere in all the Portage Lakes area is there a more picturesque setting for a club than Turkeyfoot Island! The entry road, Lahm Drive, is lined with mature maple trees, and backed by pine woods that lead you from a busy world to a beautiful place and a step back in time. An open wetland area on the approach lane is teeming with wildlife such as turtles, frogs, ducks, geese, and herons. The private residences of the island share the original historic homestead with those who appreciate their serene environment and respect their quiet lakeside surroundings.

The Clubhouse

The clubhouse was built in 1906 by Frank Lahm, originally the sole owner of Turkeyfoot Island. Numerous additions over the years have made it a unique gathering place for Turkeyfoot Island Club members and their guests. The covered porch and patio provide excellent views of boating and sunsets on Turkeyfoot Lake. There are overnight guest rooms on the second floor of the clubhouse which are perfect for non-residents who want to enjoy a brief taste of "living on the water," plus a tennis court, where playing time can be reserved. The clubhouse is available for private gatherings arranged through the club's manager. The Turkeyfoot Island Club is an important part of the history of the Portage Lakes. In the clubhouse are several scrapbooks which document the development of the club since the late 1880's. It's members have included the rich and famous, as well as those who just loved the views of the lake and the tranquility which this secluded site offers.

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