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              “There’s treasure to be found on Turkeyfoot Lake”                       

 (A Captain Morgan’s Booty Box Raffle ~ A Case of Rum to the Winning Crew)

 Wednesday ~ August 16th ~ Pontoon Scavenger Hunt

 Join the flotilla of Pontoon Pirates. Follow the map in search of answers to clues along the shores. Boats leave from Turkeyfoot Island Club at 6:00pm and Return for a Braised Sliced Roast Beef Dinner at 7:30pm. After Dinner the answers will be revealed and treasure awarded to the crew with the most correct answers.

(Please let Gil Maringer or Carolyn Dolensky know you can bring a boat and how many crew you can fit. Reserve early so crews can be assembled.)

“Don’t miss the boat and be left marooned on Turkeyfoot Island”

 Reservations by 5pm Monday, August 14th to 330-644-7797

 Limited to Members with no more than 2 guests

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